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Game hacker is a cheat tool specially designed to optimize your gaming performance. Are you a game addict? Do you usually stuck in one level after exhausting your game lives? Do you often renew your game lives using your real coins? Are you constantly annoyed by undesirable advertisements during your game? Do you only enjoy limited features in your game? Are you regularly reminded to upgrade to premium by pop-ups? Do you want to overcome most challenges associated with modern games? Then, you are at the right page. Patiently read to acquire the necessary knowledge you need to improve your gaming. You can download the tool directly from this page.

this is a hacking tool that gives you the privilege to modify and manipulate games by changing its minor settings. While we acknowledge that cheating is bad, however it has been a constant tool in games. Previously, Cheat Engine for Windows was used to inject codes into running games to influence your performance. Recently, android based mobile apps have been developed to modify several games. One of the highly recommended gaming hack tools is Game Hacker.

game hacker

How does game hacker work?

The application of Game Hacker to games is quite easy. The summary of the entire process is the modification of a running game in order to optimize your gaming performance. Several parameters can be modified in a game using this wonderful tool. These modifiable parameters can be controlled based on your interest. Once you have installed the game you want to modify, open and run it in the background. Start the Hacker app. Navigate to the list of running processes and click the game you started. Finally, use the search (value) option to locate the parameter you want to modify. For instance, if your account shows you have 10 coins on a particular game. Then search for 10 within hack tool using the variable search and modify your coins to a desired value (10,000 or 100,000). This app allows you to obtain unlimited coins, gold and lives in all games.

The degree of modification of parameters depends on the game and their represented values. Numeric values are easier to modify than energy bars and symbols. In the modification of numeric values, a variable search is conducted to find the parameter. Once the parameter is found and modified, the changes can be seen on the screen. However, modification of parameters represented with energy bars is more tedious. It requires a consistent review and assessment of values associated with the parameters to identify how applicable changes influence your in-game-energy i.e a back and forth or trial and error system. Once you are able to accomplish your modification, you can then set it as in previous cases.

What parameters can you modify?

Most games are designed with their unique parameters. These parameters distinguish their games and attract users. Therefore, the parameters found in one game may not be found in another game. For instance, the parameters in Candy Crush can differ from the ones in Subway Surfers. Our tool is a general hack tool designed to modify each game according to its building blocks. Parameters are generally classified as gems and resources include Coins, Food, Characters, Skate boards, Clock, Lives, Beli etc can be modified using this tool. These gems are important variables in all games and are required at all stage.

game hacker



Coins are an important gem required in virtually all games. It is important to make purchases especially when you have run out of game lives. Most games are designed to renew free game lives after a specific time. For instance, Tom Blast offers free five lives for every new/continuing game. After the exhaustion of these five lives, each new free live is renewed every 30 minutes. However, you can purchase a live without waiting for 30 minutes if you have sufficient coins to buy one (which is also costly). the tool can be easily used to modify your coins when your account is low in order to purchase new lives. This app gives you this benefit while you save your money.


Another important gem is food. Food provides the character with sufficient energy required to win the game level. When characters eat food in a game, their energy intensity and acceleration increases. Regular consumption of food will enable the character complete a level at shorter time due to increased energy and speed. However, free food consumption is limited in most games. Therefore, you will be required to unlock food by making a purchase using coins or any other accepted variable which is costly. this hack tool can modify your food and provide you with sufficient food to cover any level at no cost. Simply conduct a variable search with this app and locate the parameter (food). Then, modify in accordance with your interest.


Characters are those animations/cartoons/objects used to play a game. It differ from one game to the other. In virtually all games, characters are limited to a specific number. You may have the option to play as a single character or face an opposition. For instance, in Winning Eleven, your football team comprising of eleven players, substitutes and technical team will play an opponent team of the same category either in a league game or a friendly game. Your team crashes out of the league it does not get a specific point.

Similarly, in Subway Surfers, a specific number of limited characters (about 6-8) is expected to complete a task at a fixed time. At the exhaustion of these characters, you can purchase extra characters provided you have some coins in your account. In most games, purchasing characters are a little costly (few dollars). These challenges can be mitigated using this tool. the Hack tool is designed to provide you with unlimited coins to enable you make easy purchases.

Skate Boards

Skate boards are objects used in some games to float a character in order to control its friction. It allows characters to easily navigate away from danger during a game. This skate Boards are used in games like Subway Surfers. It is limited to a specific number in these games. However, Skate Boards can be purchased from these games using coins which can cost you a little dollar. This app is designed to unlock unlimited coins to purchase Skate Boards.


Another important parameter in most games is the in-built internal clock. The internal clock is designed to control virtually all parameters in the game. It measures your competency and skill by recording the time used to cover each level. It also controls the renewal of free lives in most games. For instance, each new free live in Toy Blast is restored every 30 minutes. However, the good news is that this almighty internal clock can be modified using the app. it can modify your game in such a way that you no longer have to wait for a long time to build a structure. How can this be possible? Simply increase or reduce the flow of time in your game using this app.

game hacker tool


Game lives are important parameters in all games. Depending on your game proficiency, the free game lives in most games can be easily used up on one level or used for multiple levels. In any case, game lives are limited and occasionally require an augment through direct purchase of lives using coins. this app is designed to provide you with unlimited lives at no cost. Simply modify the appropriate parameter (coins) and get as much coins as you desired which is sufficient to purchase game lives.

Features of Game Hacker

Like other hack tools available online. This hack tool has features which makes it easy to integrate into various games. Some of these features are :

  • Easy to use Interface

It tool has an easy to use interface which allows you to use it in most games. Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advance stage in gaming, it does not require any special training or course. Simply download the tool to your device and go to the menu bar to select the option that fits your interest. Henceforth, follow the screen prompt to complete your task.

  • Compatibility with all device

The tool is designed to operate in virtually all android devices including rooted and un-rooted devices. this tool is specially designed to simplify your gaming experience.

  • Anti-Ban protection

Our tool has an anti-ban protection. It is designed with an internal disguising code that protects your account from being identified by the game server as hack tool. Therefore, this hack tool can be used in almost all games without exposing your real account.

  • Precise Search

it allows for accurate search within the game. Numeric values for different parameters can be directly searched within the Game using the tool. For instance, if you notice your coins is about $21 and not sufficient to continue the game. Simply search for 21 in the tool. A numeric value will appear on the screen. Modify this data and enter a new value according to your interest. You can enter unlimited values so that you can have unlimited coins.

Fuzzy Search

Game tool also allows for a Fuzzy search. A Fuzzy search is a computational process which is based on human thinking specifically designed for complex systems. Fuzzy search views numeric values in imprecise terms, similar to the manner in which human brain accepts information and responds with precision. A fuzzy search can facilitate the manipulation of complex data without prior knowledge of its statistical narrative. It assembles values that are closely related to the search argument even when it differs from the desirable value. It is mostly relevant in uncertainties.

When you are not precise and sure of which value to search, use a fuzzy search and it will provide you with options closely relevant to your argument. Fuzzy system is widely used in various scientific fields. It is commonly applied in robot navigation, machine vision, railway brakes and acceleration, automated space docking, washing machines etc. The tool allows you to make an effective fuzzy search. All you need is a practical understanding of how the tool works.

  • Multiple Language

The Game tool is a multi-lingua application which allows you to operate in your desired language. It has an internal language translator which can translate characters into various languages.

How to get the Game tool

  • Simply download the tool to your device from the links provided in this page
  • Go to your phone settings and turn on the “install apps from unknown sources” feature
  • Then, install the tool to your device
  • Launch the Hack tool you just installed on your device
  • Then use the search bar to locate the game you want to hack
  • Enjoy your game!

are there more game tools on conan cheats?

of course we have alot of game tools here on there are tools such as


The tool is highly recommended for your games. It can be used to modify minor settings in order to improve your gaming experience. It can also save you a lot of cash. Yes, it can save you some cash because you will  no longer need to purchase coins with your real cash if you install the tool on your device. All you need is to modify the appropriate parameter and acquire unlimited coins to make as much purchase as you want. It has an easy to use interface and also compatible with all devices.

The tool can also allow you to make a precise and fuzzy search. It has an internal language translator that allows you to operate in a language of your choice. With the benefits associated with the Hack tool, you can build unlimited structures in your game as much as you desire. Simply download and install the tool from the links provided on this page. This tool will entirely change your gaming experience.




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