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Cookie Clicker hacked  is a PC game hack tool that is very simple and yet easy to use when trying to get your cookies to click.

This is a hacked version of this wonderful game. The hack tool is the best hacked version.

Most users come to our website with less intention of not getting what they are searching for, which is the latest cookie clicker cheats.

But now people are beginning to understand that he who is not informed is deformed.

So many websites have erupted with bogus information about cookie clicker hack version 2.8 hacked tool.

We are going to tell you how good and effective the tool works.

The hacked tool comes with auto-clicker which is a tool that will automatically click your cookies. It is very effective for anyone aspiring to get unlimited clicks. The purpose of the hacked tool is to enable a gamer automatically click the cookies without waiting for the player to click the cookies.

cookie clicker hacked

The main thing here is that it takes a very long time if you are waiting for the cookies to reach a certain amount of number.

So to ease your game time, we have developed a real and working hack tool for cookie clicker.

Since we have been using other hack tools, we have not come across any tool with such an amazing and yet easy to use interface.

This tool is easy to use such that anyone can make use of the tool without any advance translator or interpretation.

Cookie clicker hack tool is compatible with almost all devices.

Ranging from windows PC, windows phones, tablets, ipod, ipad, blackberry high version phones and iphones that has cookies games installed.

Cookie Clicker Cheats Online Tool

Our Cookie clicker cheats is free to use for all users and can be downloaded unto your PC directly.

There are so many tools that are not free (premium) for cookies game.

They are really not going to allow you to click faster the way this hacked tool works.

Most premium tools for cookie games promise to make the games worth your time.

They simply do not meet the standard of our cookie hacked tool.

cookie clicker cheats

Cookie clicker hacked version simply secures your identity from the game server.

In other words, the hacked tool will not allow the game server to dictate that you are using auto-clicker tool.

The game works by letting you a lot of achievements.

You are required to unlock as many achievement as you can.

And for a player to go to the next stage of the game.

You simply need to unlock the next cookie clicker achievement in the game as done with our wsop free chips.

Cookie clicker hacked version tool is the best hack tool online that enables you to automatically unlock as many cookie clicker achievement as possible.

The hacked tool comes with auto-clicker tool.

That still remains the reason why we are emphasizing on why the hacked is the best till now.

Cookie clicker tool was first designed in the early 2000’s and then there wasn’t enough mechanism in place to ensure the effectiveness of the tool.

The tool has been rehabilitated by group of highly skilled Engineers whose expertise is on game hack tool development.

Below are the features of this marvelous hacked tool

Features of cookie clicker achievement

  • No need to jail-break the tool
  • No routing needed
  • We update auto-clicker tool daily
  • It works on all operating systems/devices

cookie clicker achievements

How to use auto-clicker tool

  • Go to the download button above
  • Download auto-clicker unto your PC
  • Open the cookie game and also open the auto-clicker tool
  • Click the start button on auto-clicker tool
  • Watch your cookie clicking speed run faster
  • Enjoy


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